Military-Affiliated Students


Army ROTC is one of the best leadership programs in the country and is part of your college curriculum.

During classes, leadership labs, physical training and field training exercises, you will learn firsthand what it takes to lead others, motivate groups, and conduct missions as an officer in the Army. Upon graduation from Army ROTC, you will earn the rank of Second Lieutenant and be commissioned into the Active Army, Army Reserve or Army National Guard as a leader for life.


Monday, Wednesday & Friday: 6:30-7:30 A.M

Location: Providence College or Bryant University 

Wednesday: 2:00-6:00 P.M.

Twice a year: Field-training exercises

Days: Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Unit Contact

Providence College
Patriot Battalion,
(401) 865-2025


  • Grace Chong

    Grace Chong

    Concentration Biology
     Hobbies Fashion@Brown, Tae Kwon Do, reading, swimming, volunteering and maing music
  • Katelin

    Katelin Ferreira

    Concentration Biology
    Hobbies EMT, Student Research Coordinator at Brigham and Women’s Hospital
  • John Fullerton

    John Fullerton

    Concentration English and East Asian Studies
     Hobbies Brown Political Review, Brown Motion Pictures, PAVE, Spoon U, reading, studying Chinese, Ranger Challenge
  • Amanda Guerriero

    Amanda Guerriero

    Concentration English
     Hobbies Art, Creative Writing
  • Charles "Hank" Hultman

    Charles Hultman

    Concentration Political Science and English
     Hobbies Politics, writing and skiing
  • Rachel Huynh

    Rachel Huynh

    Concentration (Independent) Nutrition and Psycho-patho-sociophysiology of Eating Disorders (tentative)
     Hobbies Nutrition Curriculum Development for Elementary School Students, Brown EMT, Meiklejohn, Club Swimming, SciToons
  • Lily Johnson

    Lily Johnson

    Concentration Geology-Biology/Environmental Science
    Hobbies Powerlifting club, Crossfit, Hiking, Gardening/Sustainable Agriculture, Eating on Thayer with friends
  • Gerilyn Maselli

    Gerilyn Maselli

    Concentration International and Public Affairs, Security
     Hobbies Research, Ranger Challenge, listening to music, playing piano, hiking with friends
  • Leo Pacher

    Leo C. Pacher

    Concentration International and Public Affairs, Security
     Hobbies Triathlons, Ranger Challenge, Swimming, Wood-Working, DIY Projects, Walking the Dogs
  • Lily Starrs

    Lily Starrs

    Concentration Psychology
    Hobbies Movies, running, painting & crafts, writing